At Little Plums Day Nursery we work with children, parents, external agencies and the community to ensure the welfare and safety of children and to give them the very best start in life.

We have designed the following set of policies to support us in the delivery of our objectives.

1a. Safeguarding Children Child Protection Policy – Rotherham

1b. Intimate Care

1c. Safe and Respectful Care and Practice

1d. Whistleblowing

1e. Camera_ Mobile Phone and Recording Device Use

1f. Mobile Phone Smartwatches and or Activity Trackers and Social Networking Policy

1g. Monitoring Staff Behaviour Policy

1h. Lone Working Policy

1i. Online Safety Policy

1j. Prevent Duty and Radicalisation policy

1k. Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy

1l. Domestic Abuse, Honour Based Abuse and Forced Marriage

2a. Inclusion and Equality

2b. Special Consideration for Employees

2c. Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

2d. Looked After Children

2e. Dealing with Discriminatory Behaviour

3. Health and Safety General Policy

4a. Sickness and Illness

4b. Infection Control

5. Medication

6a. Promoting Positive Behaviour

6b. Biting

7. Overall Approach to Risk Assessment

8. Complaints and Compliments

10. Fire Safety

11. Safety Checks

12. Manual Handling

13. Safe & Healthy Nursery

13a. Dress Code Policy

14. Animal Health and Safety

15. Sustainable Practice

16. Visits and Outings

17. Lost Child Procedure from Nursery

18. Lost Child Procedure from Outings

19. No Smoking Policy

20. Alcohol and Substance Misuse

21. Equipment and Resources

22. Critical Incident

23. Adverse Weather

24a. Supervision of Children

24b. Baby Sitting Policy

25. Supervision of Visitors

27. Staff Development and Training

28. Supervisions

29. Data Protection and Confidentiality

30. Safe Recruitment of Staff

31. Suitability of Staff

32. Staff Working with Their Own Children-Close Relation

33a. Students

33b. Young Worker Policy

34. Volunteers

35. Absence Management Procedure

36. Grievance Procedure

37. Disciplinary Procedure

39. Immunisation

40. Allergies and Allergic Reactions

41. Sun Care

42. Early Learning Opportunities Statement

43. Settling In

44. Transitions

45. Separated Family

46. Nappy Changing

47. Outdoor Play

48. Caring for Babies and Toddlers

49. Use of Dummies in Nursery

50. Sleep

51. Bereavement

52. Nutrition and Mealtimes

53. Parents and Carers as Partners

54. Conflict Resolution with Parents who may be Challenging

55. Access and Storage of Information

56. Late Collection and Non-Collection

57. Admissions

58. Arrivals and Departures

59. Nursery Operational Plan

62. Medication Form

63. Referral Form

64. Visits and Outings Planning

65. Volunteer Agreement

66. Child Registration Form

66a. Session Amendment Form

66b. Sign Up Short Form

67. Parent Contract and Terms and Conditions

68. Permission Forms

69. Single Central Record (SCR)

78. Record Retention Policy

79. CCTV Policy

79a. CCTV Log Template

80. Social Media Networking

81. Acceptable IT Policy

82. Family Friendly Policy

83. Lock Down Policy

84. School Collection Policy

85. Well-being in the Nursery

86. Well-being for Staff

87. Anti-bribery Policy

88. Quality Provision Policy

89. Gifted and Talented Children Policy

90. Multiple Birth Families Policy

91. Food Play

92. Covid-19 Home Testing

Section 1- The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Section 2 – 9. Health and Safety in the Office

Section 3- 26. Personnel

Section 4 38. Accidents and First Aid

Section 5- 60. Incident Form

Section 19 – Covid-19 Addendum Policy

Privacy Notice

All our policies are designed to meet the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage.